Keeping Cool: 3 Easy Ways to Check If Your AC is ready for summer

You know hot summer days are coming. Is your AC ready to cool down your home?
You can reduce your energy bills by about 25% if you run efficient appliances or instantly increase your runtimes and energy costs if your systems are not on a well-ordered HVAC maintenance plan.

Getting your AC ready for summer would basically involve proactive system maintenance, regular maintenance, safe and healthier system environment for a properly functioning AC system. We’ve collected some tips to help make sure you’re prepared!

Get your AC ready for the summer

1. Clean Duct work Indoors

Hire a professional to clean your ductwork, which is generally hidden either within walls or ceilings. Build-up of moisture in the duct can damage the system by the growth of fungus and mold. Remove the duct registers to enable you examine the ductwork to wipe all the visible parts clean and dry. Inspect its different parts for any water damage or wear. Call a professional immediately if any water damage spotted on your AC unit. Since your unit can break due to various reasons, let a professional work on it.

2. Clean out and repair your AC unit

Air conditioners work well with planned maintenance. Look out for any drain clogs, piles of leaves or needles, or layers of dust that make the unit less efficient. If you haven’t had your system cleaned since last year, make sure that it’s ready to operate and keep you cool all summer long. This is also a good time to check out your crawlspace and ductwork using a flashlight. Look for any gas, leaks or empty patches without insulation. Any leaks or other problems should be repaired so that cool air doesn’t escape.

3. Inspect Outdoor Unit Fan Belts for Faults and Conduct Regular   Maintenance 

Study your outdoor unit fan belts repeatedly to determine if they need any replacement. You can purchase parts compatible with your system in local home improvement or hardware stores. These parts can help lower your energy bills because they optimize your air conditioning system to perform efficiently. Schedule your inspections to take place at regular intervals. It could be after every two or three months, and in this case, just before summer.

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